Here's The Impact Growth Capital Can Make!

Medical Equipment

Sales Company:

Received $250,000 to purchase additional anesthesia equipment & supplies for inventory.

Construction Company:

Received $325,000 to purchase solar equipment for inventory which allowed them to break into a new market segment.

Baking Company:

Received $75,000 to expand their kitchen in order to help with the additional hiring of staff to meet the needs of their new client.


Received $50,000 to construct an outside covered eating space.

Ambulance Service:

Received $65,000 to purchase a used ambulance for general transport.


Received $200,000 to fulfill multiple large catering contracts with municipal and large corporate catering jobs.

Local Home Builder:

Received $40,000 to purchase window units for new construction.

Gutter Installation Company:

Received $10,000 to purchase installation supplies.

Oil Field Company:

Received $60,000 to purchase additional equipment for rigs.

Security Company:

Received $70,000 to hire new guards to for upcoming jobs. This was the 2nd round of funding used to grow their business.

Construction Company:

Received $50,000 for materials.


Received $10,000 for the cost of postage for large mailer.

Shipping Company:

Received $125,000 to secure new business and restore old equipment. This was the 3ard round of funding used to grow their business.

Transportation Company:

Received $62,000 for operational purposes such as repairing trucks and trailers. This was their 5th round of funding.

Nail Salon:

Received $45,000, their 2nd round of funding in 6 months, to expand their current space to include room for more employees.

Medical allergy Clinic:

Received a line of credit for $100,000 with a 2-year term and monthly payments.

Ice Cream Parlor:

Received $13,000, their 6th renewal for additional supplies for flourishing business.

IT Company:

Received $43,000 to help them grow their business.

Food Truck:

Received $28,000 to help purchase a 2nd truck.

Landscaping/Irrigation Company:

Received $35,000 for new equipment.

Wellness Spa:

Received $25,000 for additional spa beds and systems.

Commercial Glass Company:

Received $50,000 for additional materials because of a new contract they signed.


Received $60,000, their 8th funding, to open their 4th location.

Beauty Salon:

Received $15,000 for inventory.

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